Friday, July 27, 2012

Girls Rock Camp Austin, Session 2, In Pictures

by Zoe C. and Gabrielle P.

Girls Rock Camp can be looked at from tons of different angles: empowerment through music, a chance at self-expression,a good time to rock out, a opportunity to meet new people, and the opportunity to be on stage in an encouraging environment. These pictures, taken by Zoe C. and Gabrielle P., provide another angle into the program and the space this year, Trinity United Methodist Church, while it was inhabited by hard-core rockers. The vibrant colors of the camp's personality were captured in the activities and beautiful stained glass artwork.

[Note: Slideshow and photos are the work of Zoe C. and Gabrielle P., not Cindy Widner, despite what the slideshow credit says. Cindy W. doesn't know how to remove that byline.]