Thursday, April 23, 2009

Girls Like Me Were Born to Rock 'n' Roll!

Girls Rock Camp Austin caught up with the fabulous Nikki Corvette last August at the Wild Weekend Power Pop Festival in Austin. For the unfortunately uninitiated, Ms. Corvette started playing music in 1978 in the male-dominated Detroit punk rock scene with her band, Nikki and the Corvettes. Despite playing shows with influential bands like The Ramones and The Romantics, Nikki had some jaw-dropping, but not uncommon, experiences with some of her xy-chromosomed contemporaries – like getting kicked off bills when promoters found out there were girls in her band, and having her stage stormed by a "girls-should-be-pregnant-and-in-the- kitchen" screaming Johnny Thunders. Watch Nikki talk about it here!

Check out Nikki's great anthems "Girls Like Me" and "Let's Go!" This video has a cool slide show of the women of 80's punk.

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