Monday, March 16, 2009

Team Brea takes the lead!

What a great week! Not only do we have all our fantastic SXSW events, but we've also been chosen by Friday Night Lights/Heroes superstar Brea Grant to receive money raised in the social media Charity Smackdown (sponsored by Mashable and Paypal). We are so honored that Brea would reach out to us -- she totally wanted to compete for an Austin based agency that supports women in the arts. We think we're a perfect fit, too (and we've loved you since you first walked on the Dillon High campus). Thank you, Brea, for supporting us!

The fundraiser just went live tonight. While we know that every charity will win in this competition, we do take pride in the fact that our Brea is in first place!

Here's the tally so far:
Team Brea $240
Team Elevenmoms $175
Team Kyle $160
Team Mashable $160
Team Alec $140
Team Corbin $75
Team Hayden $45
Team Ernie $30
Team Linkin Park $10

Click here to support Team Brea.  Please, circulate this far and wide. This is a great opportunity to tell all your friends about GRCA and the fabulous work we do. Remember, we have an extensive scholarship program that enables girls to come rock who might not otherwise be able to afford to. We have more programs in the works that will benefit the girls of Austin and our community as a whole.

Go Team Brea!

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